Financial Services & Risk Management

Dave's practice focuses on solving problems for the financial services industry. Dave's focus is on banking high-risk industries, assisting financial institutions and service providers adapt to an ever-changing regulatory landscape. Areas of experience include:

  • Asset Management

  • Cannabis

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Money-Service Businesses

  • Fintech

  • Criminal Enterprise Detection and Termination

  • Casinos

Fee-Based Services 

  • Policies and Procedures/Checklists

    • Anti-Money Laundering & BSA​

    • Customer Due Diligence & Customer Identification

    • Foreign Correspondent Accounts

    • Funds Transfers

    • OFAC

    • Section 314(a) and Section 314(b)

    • Banking CRBs (Marijuana-Related)

    • Information Privacy and Security

  • Risk Assessments


    • Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) Ops

    • Electronic Banking

    • Cannabis Banking

    • Cryptocurrency Banking

    • High-Risk Industry Banking

Litigation & Transactional

David's practice covers a wide variety of criminal and civil fields of law. As an experienced trial lawyer, David evaluates every project with an eye to mitigating the chances of litigation, informing his contracts and legal entity work. Once engaged for trial, David makes the most of his investigative resources, with both U.S. and international partners capable of locating the most difficult evidence and assets. Building a case before trial is how you win.



Dave Bass

As a former white collar and felony prosecutor, Dave has taken numerous cases to trial, with an undefeated track record on appeals. A fierce advocate for his clients,  he learns everything about his clients and their goals.

Dave has prosecuted complex crimes and investigated a myriad of Byzantine entities and asset protection designs. He stays on top of the latest criminal and anti-money laundering typologies and schemes.


Dave is passionate about protecting his clients through proper risk management, while also helping them build their portfolio through measured growth and acquisition in areas where others de-risk and take a more conservative approach.

Dave is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist, and was the lead prosecutor in Northern California for the California Attorney General's Tax Recovery and Crime Enforcement Task Force.